Writing an Award Entry is Just Like Writing a CV!


Let’s be honest we all keep our CV up to date, or should do, don’t we!

Across the management and executive piste, a CV is still arguably the most common currency in the job seeking market and I am regularly told that these days there is no job for life, so why wouldn’t professionals always be keeping their eye in. They keep their LinkedIn Profiles up to date after all!

Yes, yes, I admit it, I have just updated mine.

Simultaneously I have just judged a number of Award Entry’s and was asked to go on video afterwards to offer advice to people entering for next year.

I was quite punchy and to the point and said I look for; Impact, Outcomes and Evidence in every submission!

Quite spooky actually because I canvassed the opinions of some very close industry friends and experts about what makes a ‘killer’ CV. Everyone had a different view but some of the common themes were; Impact, Outcomes and Evidence!

So writers of Award Entry’s and CV’s unite 🙂

You need your masterpiece to stand out and grab attention. Readers will give your entry or CV about 30 seconds to grip them. Your aim is to stimulate the reader to keep reading and wanting to consume more!

Readers are interested in what you do or did, but really want this supported by what was achieved as a result. Impress them with the fruits of your labours!

Finally readers want you to back it up. Provide the evidence, or route to the evidence, to support the points you have made. The very points you are pinning your hopes on to win that award or get that interview!

As I said it’s not an exact science but if you look around you can see other examples .

I just saw the trailer for the new James Bond movie, Spectre. Talk about impact and me wanting to consume more by watching the movie!

I order Malbec when I eat steak because the outcome, in my opinion, is an amazing complimentary culinary experience.

I selected my builder for a number of reasons, but the main one was the myriad of online and hard copy testimonials from very happy clients!

I’d be interested in your examples of Impact, Outcomes and Evidence.


Colin Minto

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