unless you have a robust business case and comprehensive strategy!

During a recent social recruiting seminar I was surprised to hear when advising a number of delegates that they felt pressured to start creating company social media recruiting pages and profiles.

The pressure they described was not the result of internal stakeholders pushing to ‘go social’ but the notional pressure created within their organisations because their peer group companies and competitors had started ‘recruiting socially’!

In my opinion, a ‘keeping up the with the Jones’ approach’ should never constitute the reason to implement any business process, let alone one so public and potentially risky if executed and managed incorrectly!

If you have a clear objective or challenge to solve, e.g. to make sure your brand and job opportunities reach the widest possible, relevant, global audience because you are relatively unknown and have a great story that your business wants you to tell to raise awareness, or your absolute target audience lives on Facebook and you can reach them more cost effectively, you have a great business case opportunity to work through.

If you don’t have a clear objective or challenge to solve, or social isn’t actually the answer when you have constructively worked it through, please don’t do it just because others are. It will be a waste of money, resource and time when you could be focussing on other priority issues that will excite your leadership when you solve them.

You will not get thanked for burning budget and resource just because it looks good! Think about why you are doing it, if it will solve one of your critical functional or business challenges or if it will drive more value than solving other prioritised challenges in your gift to solve!

If, and only if, there is a clear business benefit to go social to solve a major business challenge or drive exceptional value, make sure you create a clear business case, implementation/change plan and content/moderation strategy to support it, with senior level stakeholding and mandate and the right resource with the correct capability.

Social is for life, not just for Christmas!

Colin Minto

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