The Six Pillar Talent Lifecycle

Big Idea Talent - Six Pillar Talent Lifecycle

I have worked in sales and marketing in the resourcing and HR space for 19 years, enjoying it from every direction, including; agency, on-line, managing director, global head of resourcing and HR systems for the world’s second largest private employer and specialist consultant.

In the last seven years I have focussed on simplifying what has become a very complex and unnecessarily crowded space. Resourcing, HR and HR Technology strategy and delivery doesn’t have to be challenging. In my opinion, it’s actually quite simple when you break the processes and activities into component parts (above) and underpin them all with modern technology. A bit theoretical I know, but I’ll come to reality and transformation soon!

In the spirit of sharing, I would like to share our Six Pillar Talent Lifecycle model. Over the coming weeks I will release the detail for each of the components of the six pillars, to give you some food for thought, methodologies and tools.

In the meantime you could draw up your own talent lifecycle. I am almost certain you will identify some commonality with the Big Idea Talent model, especially when I add some colour to the components in future posts.

Something else you could do, which is a bit disruptive, is to ‘think start-up’. Consider how you would structure your current processes, activities and teams if you had the opportunity to start your business again from scratch! This is where you may find a gap between ‘the now’ and ‘the art of the possible’, and it’s a timely point for me to mention reality and transformation!!!

I, and others, can tell you it’s all simple, and we can all wish we could start again and make fewer mistakes next time. Reality, however, is where most of us play, and transformation is what we need to go through to take our current legacy fuelled position back to a simplified, ‘start-up’ if you will, new world of harmonised processes, reduced overhead and empowering technology.

That’s where the Big Idea Talent Associates come in and the offer is always there if you want to chat this, or other HR challenges, through.

All the best. Needs / Planning from the Demand Pillar is first up and coming soon…..


Colin Minto

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