Introducing Michelle Clark, Big Idea Talent Associate

Michelle Clark

I am delighted to introduce Michelle Clark as an Associate of Big Idea Talent!

Michelle is an experienced HR professional, specialising in organisational development, employee engagement and communications. She has a range of experience working across a large global organisation, and has been operating as a freelance consultant for the past 12 years, supporting businesses in a number of different sectors.

Her strength is in finding pragmatic solutions to complex challenges, and building effective relationships to support the implementation of change.

Evidenced Communications and Engagement Delivery

  • International Communications Strategy and Governance
  • Communications Planning for Business Transformation
  • Global Employee Engagement Survey Management
  • Integrated HR Policies and Standards Model
  • Anti-bribery Programme Design and Delivery Worldwide
  • Business Integration and Cultural Alignment
  • Intranet and Website Design and Implementation

Michelle on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to engage with Michelle as a Lead Consultant on your latest project or initiative.

Colin Minto

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