Introducing Mark Bowers, Big Idea Talent Associate

Mark Bowers

I am delighted to introduce Mark Bowers as an Associate of Big Idea Talent!

Mark is an accomplished and in demand HR change and transformation professional. His career spans both the private and public sectors, specialising in complex HR challenges to deliver P&L value.

He has operated as an HR Director on P&L boards for over 16 years, the last three of these as an Interim, which has resulted in repeat assignments with multiple global businesses who have embarked on long-term transformational change programmes.

Evidenced HR Strategy and Transformation Delivery

  • International Strategy and Governance
  • Significant Business Transformation in TU and Non-TU Environments
  • Organisation Design and Development
  • Communications, Engagement and Cultural Change
  • Transition Planning and Delivery
  • Business Disaggregation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Recruitment Strategy and Delivery
  • High Performance Sales Programme Design
  • Trade Union Pay Negotiations
  • Remuneration Grading

Mark on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to engage with Mark as a Lead Consultant on your latest project or initiative.

Colin Minto

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