CareerCore Launches in 24 Hours – World’s Most Powerful Career Centre and Employee Experience Engine

In just 24 hours Big Idea Talent launches the world’s most powerful career centre and employee experience solution, where digital marketing meets HR, and those that want to lead the field in best people attraction and engagement will finally be able to do so!

Some of the world’s most innovative corporate employers are joining Mark, Chris and me to debate attraction in the digital world and witness the big reveal.

It’s going to be a great event and will change the way employers think about jobs, candidates, resourcing and engagement strategies.

The event is ready to go and all seats are full, but I’m sure we could squeeze one or two more in that want their organisation to be one of the first to energise its attraction and engagement strategies, and the communications it has with its employees throughout the employee lifecycle.

Email me on as soon as possible if you want to know more.


Colin Minto

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