Watch out for the People Iceberg!


Good year? Figures strong? Nice bonuses all round? Enjoy and celebrate but watch out for the iceberg!

It’s fair to say that a great year and performance in business can be a trigger for complacency, meaning some companies miss seeing the iceberg until it’s too late.

Hitting the iceberg forces a retrospective and expensive effort to correct the damage!

So what could you hit, or hopefully miss?

We all know the world us changing due to technical and cultural advances. Consumers consume content in 140 characters, conversation is secondary to tapping on a device and workers want it all their own way!

So when you sit back and enjoy your last year, spare a thought for the next five. Failing to forecast is a forecast for failure, so make sure you continually evaluate how your workforce is changing, ageing and consuming.

  • Do you workforce plan?
  • Have you got a retirement bubble?
  • How does your workforce need to evolve to meet changing customer and industry demands?
  • Can your people technology and processes keep pace?
  • Can you recruit, manage, develop and maintain in line with what your workforce expects these days and in the future?

It’s a fascinating world and forecasting what’s round the corner is an interesting but costly dynamic if you don’t get it right!

For an informal conversation, or even an exploratory future state workshop, message me, email me or let’s go old school and speak on the phone :-).

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Colin Minto

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