The future of Recruitment is ‘Vanilla’


Recruitment as a process in its rawest form is a straightforward end to end series of interventions and activities. This hasn’t really changed since the dawn of time!


1. Role presents itself – Many ways this can happen but we don’t need a conference on it, unless you truly practice Strategic Workforce Planning which is a science!

2. Hirer establishes the need (hopefully with HR), articulates it and seeks approval to hire – Some expert needs analysis, data mining, psychology and marketing required here, so this is a seminar I would recommend!

3. Someone is assigned to fill the need – More of a recruitment team capability and training play here!

4. The role is marketed – A simple sales, marketing and advertising mix to hunt for, attract and excite suitable candidates. Bread and butter for good operators with a myriad of methodologies, tools and channels at their disposal!

5. Applicants are matched against the need during a series of electronic and face to face interventions and someone is selected over the others – Technology and Humans interacting in perfect harmony using an alternative myriad of methodologies, tools and channels!

6. Let the on-boarding and familiarisation commence, hopefully involving a continued focus on engagement and retention!

Granted; this is a simple view and some of the ways of performing these activities, and the solutions and channels involved, have evolved in line with technological advances and general commercial progress over time, but let’s please stop overcomplicating the process known as recruitment, which is in essence quite straightforward, or should be!

Well in fact, it will be in the future because the future is ‘Vanilla’! Off the shelf, vanilla, cloud based, end to end recruitment and HR technologies, where customisation is outlawed and configuration is available to add local and legislative nuance to standard leading practice processes and workflows!

I quite like vanilla. It’s simple in essence and easy on the eye and palate. Just like the future of Recruitment!

Colin Minto

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