Mark Bowers

Mark is an accomplished and in demand HR change and transformation professional. His career spans both the private and public sectors, specialising in complex HR challenges to deliver P&L value.

He has operated as an HR Director on P&L boards for over 16 years, the last three of these as an Interim, which has resulted in repeat assignments with multiple global businesses who have embarked on long-term transformational change programmes.

Evidenced HR Strategy and Transformation Delivery

  • International Strategy and Governance
  • Significant Business Transformation in TU and Non-TU Environments
  • Organisation Design and Development
  • Communications, Engagement and Cultural Change
  • Transition Planning and Delivery
  • Business Disaggregation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Recruitment Strategy and Delivery
  • High Performance Sales Programme Design
  • Trade Union Pay Negotiations
  • Remuneration Grading

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