I need a HERO!


I help keep my OCD under control by running on average five mile per morning, five days per week, as I strongly believe physical wellbeing is one of the keys to mental wellbeing.

This gives me 40 to 50 minutes (depending how much I leave out there each morning) to think!

Recently, I thought through what type of companies I would want to work with, or for, in the future, which would be businesses with the right values and approach for providing an optimum working environment for people with mental health challenges, and other differences.

My thinking actually went one stage further because I realised that all businesses should operate to the framework that follows to offer the optimum deal to its employees!

H – Homely!

In life I feel most comfortable at home. I also probably spend as much time at work as I do at home, so surely employers can invest in making the working environment a home from home. The alternative that springs to mind is an environment that feels alien to most. Would any business leader strive to make their business environments feel alien!

E – Enjoyable!

I believe a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so why can’t all roles be structured to be as enjoyable as possible. Just simple steps to make every activity something that one can enjoy delivering. The alternative that springs to mind is activities that are not enjoyable. Would any business leader strive to make their roles unenjoyable!

R – Relaxed!

I don’t like too much stress and it’s a potential OCD trigger for me. I much prefer working in relaxed surroundings with relaxed, professional and gifted colleagues. The alternative is a stressed environment and continually under pressure colleagues. Would any business leader strive to make their business full of stress!

O – Open!

I have started talking more openly about my OCD and the support I have received from others has been heart warming and inspiring. The alternative is a very closed environment where people don’t open up on matters that are really meaningful and personal to them. Does any business leader strive to make their business closed!

Of course business leaders don’t set out to create any of the above but they inadvertently do! As do their layers of senior and middle management.

It seems to me the solution to all manner of business challenges, and the key to increased productivity, is being a HERO business.

Do you run one, why and what benefits do you receive? Do you know one, why and what benefits does the leadership receive?

I need a HERO and in return I will give one a superhero effort when I work for them! Probably the same as every other worker out there.


Colin Minto

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