Goodbye But Not Farewell!

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Today is my last day as Group Head of Resourcing and HR Systems at G4S, the world’s second largest private employer with 625,000 people in 110 Countries!

It’s been an amazing six years of my life with an awesome organisation, so I would like to extend a huge thank you to all my colleagues, suppliers and other interested third parties for making it such a rewarding and exciting chapter of my life.

I have been able to tackle things that others don’t unfortunately get the opportunity to, and it is these things I am looking forward to taking into my Consultancy.

Crisis management, OFCCP compliance, HR technology creation, internal/external search agency set up…… are just a few of the things I have been able to deliver for arguably one of the most complex businesses in the world, on top of all of the traditional Head of Resourcing and Systems responsibilities.

So it’s goodbye but not farewell as I look forward to doing it all again, and more, for multiple businesses now, surrounded by my same and growing network of amazing and wonderful people.

Colin Minto

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