Difference is Good

You made a difference

When someone says something that you automatically dismiss mentally or verbally because you think it’s wrong, do you ever stop to consider ‘what if they are right?’ It’s worth training yourself to do so!

People think differently and will suggest things because they personally think it’s right. If you embrace and encourage different ways of thinking and review each offering as a potential alternative piece of a jigsaw puzzle, you might just end up with a better picture and answer! In fact I guarantee you will!

One of the most enjoyable parts of my business life is the ‘Risk Workshop’. That precious moment in the early stage of a project where everyone is allowed and encouraged to think widely and wildly to surface everything that could possibly go right and wrong, to bottom out the critical project objectives and identify the critical risks to mitigate.

A great example where different thinkers come together in a controlled environment to create value. All I’m saying is why don’t we do it all the time without fear of saying the wrong thing?


Colin Minto

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