HR – Saviour of the business

As we approach the ‘Autumn of Uncertainty’ and more recognise it will be people, representing the last bastion of competitive advantage, that will navigate organisations through what lies ahead, HR has never been more critical to the success of business.

In my opinion, HR owns the following:

Optimum Employment Ecosystem and Culture

Ensuring the right diversity, environments, conditions, treatments, behaviours and values exist to act as an attractor of the world’s best talent, the incubator of leading practice to enable everyone to achieve and thrive, and the reasons why people want to stay and commit their energy to the cause for the long term.

Organisation Design

Structuring optimal target operating model’s including; group centres, regions, divisions, departments and teams. Engineering the best people to be in the right places to allow the successful flow of strategy from leadership, through expert management, who in turn disseminate to the workforce to execute effectively.


Strategic demand planning fuels the attraction strategy, including; employer brand, EVP, career centre and applicant traffic drivers. The attraction strategy informs the recruitment delivery model, recruitment process, selection strategy and onboarding process, which naturally ensures the delivery of optimum candidate, hiring manager and recruiter experiences. In essence a guardian of the reputation of the business, on a par with the corporate reputation.

Employee Experience, Engagement and Wellbeing

Making sure what was sold to people to encourage them to join becomes reality and that everyone’s joining and ongoing experiences are excellent ones to generate maximum performance. Managing those situations where it doesn’t quite go to plan effectively and providing the communication and support everyone needs to remain informed, engaged, productive and well.


Teaching, equipping, developing and encouraging everyone at every level to become the best they can be, and access opportunities to move around the business to retain and share experience, knowledge and value.


Ensuring reward is commensurate with effort and opportunity which attracts, optimises, motivates and retains the very best.

People Technology

Underpinning everything with the right level of automation to achieve optimum and standardised processes, all stakeholder (leader, manager and employee) self-service and seamless and continual measurement and reporting. Ongoing focus on systems evolution to future proof the function and business. An integral actor in converging HR, ERP and Operational technologies to achieve business level straight through processing.

At times of uncertainty and challenge, leaders draw on the strengths and value each business function can provide.

This is when I believe HR truly becomes the saviour of the business, as it optimises every function via its people.