Let’s Hide No More!

Lets hide no more

I am passionate about embracing and supporting difference, because I am different!

I was recently proud and honoured to accompany two other people going on record about our mental health challenges in People Management Magazine.

Mental health challenges are one of the least talked about areas of diversity and inclusivity, and I would like to support changing that by raising awareness and sharing stories and leading practice approaches of embracing and supporting difference.

People who think differently are an asset to any organisation. Difference is good, and surfacing a range of contrasting ideas, knowledge and experience leads to better solutions to business challenges.

If you have been, or are currently being, challenged by mental health issues and would like to tell the story of your business achievements and personal challenges then please join the Mental Health In Business LinkedIn Group.

Also please let me know if you would be interested in supporting or attending a seminar or conference series on the subject, starting in late September / early October 2016.

All the best and Let’s Hide No More!