With HR getting a new name, where does Resourcing really sit?

HR Magnifying Glass

Fascinating debate recently at HRcoreLAB4 in Barcelona regarding how HR needs to evolve and be more commercially astute, so I chipped in and said “so what will its new name be”?

Personnel evolved into Human Resources when its professionals wanted to be recognised for being more strategic. Whether this has been achieved consistently and globally was debated and the view was mixed, with many saying HR in some instances is still trying to convince the C Suite to get a seat on the board!

So if it needs to evolve again, will it go through brand repositioning? What will it be called? Chief People Officers and People Directors etc. are springing up frequently, fuelled mainly by the thinking of successful start ups. Something with ‘People’ or ‘Workforce’ perhaps!

Interestingly Resourcing is evolving to and is a factor in this debate!

When you look at the Resourcing function and purpose, in terms of its key business attributes, it’s clear it has matured:

  • Strategy – Strategic demand/workforce planning.
  • Finance – Profit centre discipline to deliver bottom line contribution.
  • Organisation Design – Resourcing delivery model.
  • Marketing – Employer branding and job opportunity promotion.
  • Sales – Sourcing and closing interest in job opportunities.
  • Procurement – Sifting, screening, selecting and negotiating.
  • HR Operations – Onboarding, familiarisation and career management.
  • Talent Management – Employee development and succession planning.
  • Employee Engagement – Employee communication and retention.

So does Resourcing sit in the newly branded HR or somewhere else?

I wonder if the focus on getting the right people, in the right volumes, in the right places, at the right time, with the right attitude has crept up the ‘most important list’ of the CEO, or chief strategist if that isn’t the CEO!

I wonder if Resourcing is so ‘marketing focussed’ now, bordering on mirroring a great e-commerce approach, that the Chief Marketeers have eyes on its ownership!

I wonder if whatever HR evolves into puts more emphasis on Resourcing to help it demonstrate how commercially astute it is, and uses Resourcing success to prove how much bottom line value it creates! Therefore, it might not need to sit anywhere else!

Why HRcoreLAB4 will be the best ever!

I’m immensely looking forward to chairing the resourcing and employer brand stream of HRcoreLAB4 over the next couple of days with the wonderful Anna Cook from CERN, and I would like to share why it will be the best ever!

  1. A record number of delegates attending this year from all corners of the globe, have all invested in attending and travelling to Barcelona. As a result they are the most engaged delegates I have had the pleasure to accompany, and the conversation and passion to share and learn is unrivalled.
  2. The speakers represent the resourcing leaders elite, who happily share their knowledge and expertise with insightful and thought provoking examples of leading practice strategy and delivery.
  3. The innovative sponsors have the very latest solutions to the challenges faced by those that attend, so real problems are going to get solved this week. It’s a joy to see the interaction between resourcing leaders and exceptional solution vendors in such a relaxed and open environment.
  4. The organisation is outstanding with everything running like clockwork. It truly is seamless which ensures everyone gets maximum value from attending.

If you are attending, I look forward to meeting you. If not, follow the Twittersphere and pencil it in your diary for 2017. You won’t be disappointed.

Introducing Gary Franklin, Big Idea Talent Associate


I am delighted to introduce Gary Franklin as an Associate of Big Idea Talent!

Gary is an experienced resourcing leader who has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer HR colleagues, internal customers and candidates across a variety of industry sectors.

He is known for combining his commercial experience and resourcing knowledge to understanding the needs of the business and create, refine and lead strategies in order to help attract more of the best talent.

Evidenced Resourcing Optimisation and Transformation

  • Process audit and optimisation, helping organisations with what great looks like
  • Team motivation, mentoring, leadership and development
  • Strategic planning and resourcing project delivery
  • Developing a first class Candidate Experience
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), specification, selection and implementation
  • Assessment and Selection solutions for volume and niche resourcing models
  • Direct Sourcing and optimisation of resourcers toolkit appropriate to the business
  • Building talent communities and sustainable talent pipelines
  • Video screening/interviewing technologies
  • Creating or updating referral programmes
  • Pre-Employment Screening, effective referencing and on-boarding programmes
  • Development of targeted Employer Brand

Gary on LinkedIn

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to engage with Gary as a Lead Consultant on your latest project or initiative.