HR Consultancy from strategy development to delivery support

Big Idea Talent is a diverse network of experienced HR and Resourcing Associates, supported by trusted Service Providers, to offer simple, pragmatic and sustainable solutions for global HR challenges and wider business transformation.

We believe that people are now the last bastion of competitive advantage for any business and recognise the role and scope of HR, from the boardroom to the shop floor, is becoming increasingly complex and highly scrutinised.

We understand that HR Leaders may need to draw on private strategic advice to launch a big idea, engage others, develop solutions, validate change plans and ultimately ensure initiatives and projects are successfully delivered.

Whatever your challenge, given our wealth of experience, there is a strong likelihood one or more of our associates has solved a similar challenge or delivered a similar project.

By engaging this associate, you may physically only work with one person but they will be backed by our entire network, and able to draw down on support, advice and solutions from it.

We offer a range of bespoke support to solve your challenge:

  • Sounding Board Advice – Facilitating and evolving solutions either one-to-one or through group engagement.
  • Consultancy – Business case development and business transformation.
  • Interim Contracts – Seamlessly integrated business support and project delivery.
  • Trusted Service Providers – Best in class vendor relationships, advice and solutions from RFI / RFP to execution.

“Instrumental in developing and implementing a new global resourcing strategy involving the use of innovative technology and social media. A track record of delivering large projects in collaboration with local business units in different parts of the world!”

Irene Cowden, Group HR Director, G4S Plc